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Prague welcomes Medici Choir

The choir eating in Prague
Medici Choir travelled to Prague in November 2000, in association with the International Festival of Amateur Choirs.

Just like Paris, Medici Choir sang alongside many other European choirs in the Old Town Square, Hlahol Concert Hall and the Church of St Nikolas.

The choir was accommodated in the centre of Prague. Amongst the pieces performed by the choir include Christmas carols and songs arranged by our conductor John Baird, mostly in English but also one in Czech!

St Vitus's Cathedral
  St Vitus's Cathedral, Prague  
This particular trip was noted for its social elements - amongst the singing and rehearsing, there was plenty of time for the choir to get to know each other. The choir visited Venice in 2002.

Medici Choir is a Registered Charity no. 1014229